[Philosophy] Cause and Effect

Ladies and gentlemen i’ve noticed something. I’ve noticed something significant. I’ve noticed that we as a nation, as a people, have been fighting our political, social and economic battles all wrong. Wasting our time. Wasting our energy. Getting nothing done, creating no real solution, only temporary solutions that function well enough and just long enough […]

Politics, Philosophy, Poetry 

My last post outlined a possible triage, a sort of alliance between Government, Media and Corporations. Given the tone of the article i hope none of you succumb to your habit of categorization and begin to label me as ‘right/ left winged”conspiracy theorist’etc. I see what i see and make a distinction and make those […]

[Politics] Obama signed The Counter Disinformation and Propaganda act, the end of Democracy?

Coincidence. Coincidences have become common within our Government/Corporations/Media. (The G/C/M) Coincidence that the Russians are being blamed for interfering in an election and the supposed impact “fake news stories” had on Hillary Clintons campaign giving way to  justifying the passing of this bill into law. A bill that was created in March, suspiciously waiting an opportunity, an excuse to be passed. […]

[Philosophy] Depression

How to rid yourself of Depression. You aren’t going to like what you read at first as it will stir up resentment and force you to evaluate yourself honestly. Lets start with this: First and foremost we should consult with a Medical Doctor to be sure that your depression isn’t a symptom of a physical illness. If […]

[Poetry] Passion

Have you ever lost your mind? Feeling like you’ve lost the side that chains the Beast inside? Ticking clocks tick forever stars that never shine  Laughing into silence, silently crying inside  we’re all wearing masks it’s all fake but no one asks Wheres my whisky flask.. Should a gentlemen ever doubt his guests you ask? […]