Politics, Philosophy, Poetry 

My last post outlined a possible triage, a sort of alliance between Government, Media and Corporations. Given the tone of the article i hope none of you succumb to your habit of categorization and begin to label me as ‘right/ left winged”conspiracy theorist’etc. I see what i see and make a distinction and make those […]

[Philosophy] Depression

How to rid yourself of Depression. You aren’t going to like what you read at first as it will stir up resentment and force you to evaluate yourself honestly. Lets start with this: First and foremost we should consult with a Medical Doctor to be sure that your depression isn’t a symptom of a physical illness. If […]

[Poetry] Passion

Have you ever lost your mind? Feeling like you’ve lost the side that chains the Beast inside? Ticking clocks tick forever stars that never shine  Laughing into silence, silently crying inside  we’re all wearing masks it’s all fake but no one asks Wheres my whisky flask.. Should a gentlemen ever doubt his guests you ask? […]

[Poetry] Restless

Everything is dark so everything feels apart of me If we are all one, who wins. If we can all be saved why not sin Dancing to the song of the rain Dancing in spite of my pain My bodies’ relaxed because my souls’relaxed because my mind is out of this plane Have you ever […]

[Poetry] Madame

​The illusion of beauty is both a hindrance and a blessing bestowed unto only the human eye. You madam, have shown yourself to be the perfect standard of symmetry, the epitome of this blessing we call beauty, the hindrance of which allows us to identify chaos. Through you, I am able to identify all that […]

[Poetry] Rain… 

This rain. I havent felt this rain in ages. What is an age but the individual collection of every cycle around the sun? A measurement. Age is where you stand on this ideological ruler stick. Humanities mortal attempt to calculate the various points between life and death. A measurement used for predictions, stages of development, […]