[Politics] You’re not a Modern Liberal and I can prove it.

You are not a modern Liberal

I discuss my distaste for the current liberal party as they seem incapable of independent critical thought. For those who are capable, such as liberal college professors, the logic is only used to twist up justifications for their actions and beliefs but never utilized to question their own, anti-democratic ideals, or to question whether or not their beliefs are realistic or functional. The underlying agenda of these critical thinking Liberals is socialism, therefore as I’ve stated, they must be labeled conspirators, but they won’t be, as every aspect of our media up to the highest levels of our judicial systems are occupied by liberal or left leaning individuals. As I’ve stated, they have an inability to recognize “slippery slopes”, those that are able to recognize the domino effect of the actions of the current liberal party are those of us looking from the outside in and the Liberal critical thinkers mentioned above that hope for the fruition of their ultimate goals, Anti American goals disguised as moral superiority and moral righteousness. They await the end result of all their work, the fall of the last domino in this domino effect. Essentially, that goal is the fall of the Republic of the United States: Socialism. The inevitable result of Socialism is Communism, followed by a Dictatorship and eventual Totalitarianism. They practice confusion, manipulation, sabotage and disruption for the sake of confusion, manipulation, sabotage and disruption. This is why I cannot respect the left.

However, I believe the majority of them are confused.

As hard as it is, I do try to remain as objective as possible and I would like to discuss why, despite their underlying agenda to transform the United States into a Socialist Nation, eventually a Communist nation, I understand why people join the Liberal party and understand how these people could be confused into thinking that joining the Left is a “righteous” political and Social move. I understand why they would think that joining the left is actually in the interest of preserving “Democracy” and spreading “Peace and Love”, when it’s actually quite the opposite, but again, I understand how some Liberals could think that.

When I speak to some of my ‘recently activated’ liberal friends, by ‘recently activated’ I mean people who, prior to the Trump election, were never involved nor ever cared about politics until this campaign, when I speak to them I notice a similarity, none of them know exactly what it means to be a Modern Liberal.

When I see their first Instagram post displaying their protest sign and cool liberal outfit, I send them a message to say hello and also approach by asking something along the lines of “I never realized you were politically active. May I ask what your leanings are?” They always come back with a ‘hoorah’ speech that they obviously got from some liberal rally, sharing talking point after talking point, followed by an invite to their next meeting.  I thank them for the information and wish them well. My point was to get information. I had a hunch and my hunch was correct; the majority of self-proclaimed Liberals are “surface liberals”, these people don’t hold true current, modern leftist beliefs. They are manipulated into thinking they do because the current Democratic Party desperately needs the numbers for elections. If these people were to really do some research and ask questions they would realize that nowadays, the true Liberals, in the classic sense of the word are the Modern  Conservatives (not traditional) and Libertarians.

The current Liberal party is Socialist and Communist in essence.

Allow me to ask you a few Yes or No questions that will help determine whether or not you have true Modern Liberal beliefs:

1) Do you believe that people should have a right to be who they want to be?

2) Do you believe people should be able to do what they want without being bothered if they aren’t hurting anyone?

3) Do you believe people shouldn’t be offered or neglected an opportunity based on the color of their skin, religion, sexual orientation or gender?

4) Do you believe in a free market, a market where Corporations and banks that made the wrong choices and practices have to be allowed to fail no matter how big?

5) Do you believe in a free market in a sense where the best corporations, Banks, and small businesses that offer the best goods and services at the best prices and the best ethical practices should be the ones that truly prosper?

6) Do you believe that corporate lobbies that push laws in favor of their companies that are in contrast to the benefit of the people or the environment have to be abolished to promote a balance between corporate and social welfare?

7) Many people from many countries want to see this Nation fail. This includes China, Russia, most of the middle east. We have criminals smuggling drugs from Mexico and people pouring in from South America illegally. Do you believe that our borders should be secured, but that people that want to immigrate to this country should have the means to be able to do so legally and should be required to have a good background record?

8) Do you believe that people who came to this country illegally and are caught committing crimes should be deported back to their home country?

9) Do you believe racists, homophobes and hate groups that commit acts of hatred should be punished to the fullest extent of the law?

10) However, do you believe that racists, homophobes and “hate groups” have a right to organize and share their ideas amongst themselves so long as they are not hurting nor intend to commit harm to others and are still protected under the first amendment, whether or not we agree with them?

11) Do you believe people who are able to work should work and those who cannot work due to disabilities or workers comp claims need to check in every 6 months or so to verify they are indeed still unable to work to continue receiving benefits? Do you believe people on welfare should be drug tested randomly?

12) Do you believe in an income tax above 50%? Not counting state, property and sales tax.

If you answered yes to most of these questions and No to #12, I have news for you. You aren’t a modern Liberal; you are a Libertarian or modern conservative, a Classic Liberal.

The current Liberal party believes –

  1. People have the right to be who they want to be unless that person happens to be someone on the liberal “no no list”. Such as a “successful white male”, or conservative Christian Woman among a few other traditional personality types.
  2. They believe People shouldn’t have a right to assemble or socialize if their beliefs fall in the category of the Liberal “No No list”, these gatherings have to be disrupted through violent protest and shut down as seen with the Milo Y riots at Berkley.
  3. The left blame everyone else for doing what they ironically do best: splitting people up and placing them in categories due to their differences and numbers. They believe that each separate category should be treated differently and that difference should be in accordance to the amount of suffering a specific group has gone through at some distant point in history. For example, they believe Women should get paid more than men for the same job because they are Women as they argue they get paid less. It is Illegal to pay a Woman less for being a Woman, it has been illegal since the Equal pay act of 1963. A few will come back and say “No, we just want women to be paid the same, not more, we get .73 cents to every dollar!”, to that I say, First, that’s illegal as hell, get the evidence, go to court and get a  Million dollar settlement. Second, Women take much more time off than men. Women that work the same amount of hours as their male counterparts any given year will find that they get paid the same, if not more. However, women still want to get paid “the same” annually as men while still  wanting to be allowed to take the same amount of time off that they currently do, therefore, in default, women are asking to be paid more to make up for the time they take off work. The left believe people who are unqualified for a position should be offered the position over a qualified person if the unqualified individual happens to belong to what they perceive to be a “minority or oppressed” group.
  4. The left believe in high government regulation and intervention in business, Once again this high involvement is justified through the argument that  “high government oversight will ensure moral consistency”, there’s that moral high ground again… we’ve seen that this doesn’t actually work either.. such oversight is actually detrimental to economic growth and allows banks and corporations to gamble with our money, make all the wrong decisions but not worry about consequences as the government will be there to save them. This is how you risk a banana republic.
  5. This goes back to the point above. The banks that went south in 2008 should have been allowed to crash and burn. They were bailed out. Now, because of their lack of consequence in Robo signing loans and providing people with less than standard credit to obtain housing with little to no money down all for short term profit grabs, causing the crash of 2008, we are beginning to see signs that this bubble occurring all over again. No consequences mean no lesson is learned. In the end, the people, the innocent bystanders are the ones who end up hurt the most, not the corporations nor the banks, despite them being at full fault.
  6. The current Left actually agrees that corporate lobby’s shouldn’t be allowed to mingle with politics and politicians. Corporate lobbies are powerful in the U.S. They don’t influence politicians through a majority vote, as a true Democracy should play out, rather with the amount of money they are able to pump into the political system. We can both agree here.
  7. Leftists believe in open borders. Come one come all. A little common sense will tell you this isn’t realistic, nor safe or sustainable to maintain and preserve a  Nation.
  8. Leftists believe people who come to this country illegally and are caught breaking the law should be protected under the constitution (ironic, all of a sudden constitutional rights hold weight for a non-citizen but the constitution shouldn’t be valid to a natural born citizen when they use the constitution for matters on the Liberal “no no list” such as owning guns or holding a right wing speech or Conservative rally. Hypocrites) Our constitution does not apply to non-citizens. They believe illegal criminals should not be deported and that they should face due process but with a “softer hand” as .. after all.. they are still a “misunderstood, oppressed minority”. White Christian male? Feel free to be as hard as you need to be legal system!
  9. Liberals believe that hate groups should not be allowed to gather, speak, or socialize any time, ever. They believe  that they don’t have to wait until they commit  actions of hate. If it were up to them they would incarcerate them just for having those thoughts. That is, if they belong to a hate group on their “no no list”. Other hate groups such as Black lives matter, the “reverse racist”, anti-cop, hate group or Muslim extremist hate groups are. Well… They’re okay.
  10. Again on the point above, they don’t believe they should assemble at all, ever, ever. Unless the people getting together are going to discuss topics and interests on the Liberal agenda. Anything else is considered “hate speech” and should be suppressed, you know, like Fascism. Oh did I mention they have an activist group called “Antifa”, short for “Antifascist” that do textbook Fascist shit?… no, I’m serious. They’re seriously incapable of independent critical thought.
  11. Modern liberals believe in a generous welfare system that should extend to “minority groups” and illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to our taxes. They believe welfare should be automatically available to those that live or were raised in poverty. In my opinion, this kills any incentive to work and improve ones’ self.
  12. Current Liberals believe in an income tax greater than 50% and up to 60% and above for the 1%. This requirement ties in with the generous welfare state they advocate, free healthcare, etc. They believe in an “equal distribution of wealth”… wait.. isn’t that.. Socialism? I agree with centralized (free) health care but I don’t believe we need to increase taxes to achieve it but cut costs in other areas we spend too much on, like, you know.. the Military. What we need to do is cut the Military industrial complex and have the government control and manufacture it’s own supply. You do realize most of our gear is purchased from private corporations that inflate the cost of everything right? a Tomahawk missile costs approx. $742,857 each. I’d speculate it takes a 10th of that amount to produce. Our government purchases weapons at retail price ladies and gentlemen.

There you have it folks. If you think you’re a Modern Liberal, you’re probably not. The majority of Liberals are not Liberals, they are confused Libertarians or Modern conservatives that were unfortunately approached by Modern Liberals first. True modern Liberals, are anarchists, socialists, Communists, hypocrites and anti- American.

Back in the days of the Cold war Communism and Communists were our greatest threat. Here we are, 2017 facing that threat again but under the guise of “moral social justice” from our very own citizens.
The true Liberals entice stupid people into thinking they will be endowed with some sort of moral superiority. They recruit stupid people to make up the majority of their numbers, because with numbers come power. They convince stupid people that they are all working towards world peace and some esoteric wonderful Utopia (Karl Marx, the father of Communism, described Communism as a Utopia). They need stupid people to do the heavy lifting for them, while they use all of you to achieve their true goals. The goal of the TRUE modern day Liberal is Socialism, inevitable Communism. They use stupid people to buy into their “feel good” bull shit, their fake moral high ground, they need you to believe that you protest and disrupt events in the name of Peace and Love.
When in reality ladies and gentlemen, you are being used to bring about the fall of Democracy and the rise of Communism in this country.

Yes, we have problems, yes we need to work on a few things in this country but the things we need to figure out don’t require a full scale revolution as the MLiberals are advocating to stupid people.
Don’t be stupid. Call yourself what you are.
A modern Conservative…
Or a Libertarian….
You are not a leftist, you are not a modern Liberal.
We are Classic Liberals. You are one of us, not them.
Don’t allow them to continue manipulating you.
Don’t even take my own word for it, think for yourself.
Think independently, think critically, put pieces together, try to figure out the true motives and intentions of any party or group you choose to believe in, it’s important you do.

Be an American Patriot, defender of Democracy, ally of the Republic.

Be Socially Liberal but Fiscally Conservative.

This Nation is the greatest Nation in the history of Mankind. It’s highest levels of power and influence have been infiltrated by those who want to see this nation fall.

Be on the right side of History. Progressivism, tolerance and understanding becomes counter productive after a certain point. We’ve reached that point.

Thank you for your time.


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