[Philosophy] on Liberalism, Pedophilia, Zionism and Boundaries

We were warned about the “Slippery slope” that came with accepting Gay marriage. As a person first and then as a Libertarian, I supported gay marriage anyway, despite this risk; as a matter of fact I’ve been invited to participate in a gay wedding this year (congrats fellas!). I believe consenting adults should have the right to do whatever the hell they please so long as no harm is done to a third party. However, those of you who have taken the time to read my other posts understand that I am objective. Simply because I support something doesn’t mean that I begin to worship the idea blindly and live in willful ignorance of its ill effects once I endorse it. We should all be capable of exercising the capacity of emotional and mental flexibility and objectivity in regards to supporting any ideal. Yes, it is ok to support something and still criticize its counterproductive and irrational aspects. You can support the philosophy that “one can’t help who they love” but also understand and believe in certain boundaries. The Left is beginning to give pedophiles a podium to share to others their level of strength through restraint. In other words, explaining how “strong” they are that they have feelings of pedophilia that they don’t act on. I believe people with thoughts of pedophilia should be able to express the feelings with a professional and offered psychiatric help without the fear of legal persecution but I don’t necessarily believe we should be supportive either. I don’t want to equate Gay marriage with pedophilia whatsoever as I don’t believe they are the same at all. I used gay marriage as an example as it indeed was the tipping point, the precursor if you will to this new, subtle movement the left is beginning: indirectly supporting Pedophilia, as well as a few other uncomon engagements. However, this is not the fault of the LGBT community. They can’t control what their lunatic lefties do after this point.

Liberal philosophy has become the philosophy of misfits and self-perceived victims and those on the opposite end of the spectrum who are far from being misfits or victims but have been guilt tripped into supporting the misfits by being convinced that their “group” of people were the oppressors, aggressors and opportunists of the weak and vulnerable at one point or another and are now trying to make some kind of amends on behalf of their forefathers.  The Left, in other words, is made up of groups of people that aren’t accepted in American or, traditional “White” culture, as they say, or those who feel guilty for coming from families that supported this culture, either directly or indirectly.

Very few if anybody is a Liberal for the sake of ‘equality and freedom”. Though they’ll all tell you they are. Perhaps it began that way but it has since morphed into something different.  Every sub group under the umbrella of Liberalism such as Feminism and the LGBT community, have their own agendas but the common agenda seems to be total control and hostility towards anyone who doesn’t agree or accept their way of life (isn’t that Fascism?.. pretty sure that’s Fascism). Sometimes, the Left seems to practice sabotage and disruption for the sake of sabotage and disruption, take AntiFa for example; The Fascist, Anti-Fascists.. I’m not kidding.

Logic and reason doesn’t seem to be a strong point with the Left. They have their justifications but these justifications come from a distorted and very biased perception of history. You all should know me enough by now to understand that I like to break things down to their very basic components to develop a fundamental understanding on any matter whatsoever to better understand why we are where we are today. These breakdowns however can get pretty lengthy so I won’t be outlining them today, just the results and perceptions.

The Democratic liberals have shown us why it is important to leave emotions out of politics. The Republican conservatives have shown us why it is important to leave business and religion out of politics. These 3 components are the unholy trinity that spawns corruption, greed, oppression and irrationality into our political system. Discard these 3 components, judge every politician on their ability to remain objective, unbiased and logical no matter what the pressure or temptation. Judged on their actions not words and you will find a country with a single political party; The Libertarian Party… Just kidding! The Libertarian party is somehow splitting between Right and Left leanings. It has become a mere shell of its former self. No, you will find a few or no political party, simply a group of politicians that find a balance between Government and People. Who are voted in and out. Who “live and let live”. A group of politicians that are Fiscally conservative, believe in the rationality behind a free market but are also socially liberal in the sense where an individual can be and believe whatever they want to believe so long as they are not hurting someone else, or plan to hurt someone else directly (the essence of the fragile Libertarian party). Imagine having people like Plato or Anaxagoras making up our political system!

The Left has also become the party that is proud of what was once to be ashamed of and puts shame onto those ideals and actions which were once seen with pride. One can say they literally operate backwards in accordance to American values. With logic alone we can say that Liberalism will be the end to the American way of Life, its Cons AND its Pros. With logic alone one can speculate, if they believe in everything opposite of traditional American values, then they function in the opposite manner, therefore, if America became the greatest country in the world despite its past internal problems, with its traditional views, then logic says adopting the opposite values, beliefs and systems will render the opposite result, that result being the inevitable downfall of the United States of America. We’re beginning to see it now. I’m speaking of course of our fundamental beliefs, not beliefs like past segregation or slavery so don’t try a strawman on me.

The left has the stink of an underlying plot. Like I said, all the sub groups under the umbrella of Liberalism seem to have their own agenda and that agenda is similar; control, power, suppression of beliefs that differ or contrast theirs. Is it a coincidence that the majority of influential people support the Left? A large majority of Celebrities, corporate executives, CEO’s, Billionaires and professors support the left; has no one else noticed this? People have literally lost their jobs simply for supporting traditional views. Is no one else aware of the dangerous totalitarian snowball effect this will have in the near future? What do all these people have in common? Some if not most of them have a disconnect with regular folk such as you and I and are from the opposite end of the misfit spectrum I discussed above and are therefore guilt tripped into supporting the Left. Some of them have profit driven interests in Liberalism. Liberalism is good for business. Open borders? “Legal” illegal immigration to pay workers less than minimum wage and no benefits? “Yes please!” says Mr. Soros and pals.

The last category of Liberal supporters is the most frightening, those who are financially obligated to support the left, such as the “silent majority” who are afraid to lose their jobs should they be found to support traditional views. This is frightening because it is indicative of a fascist foothold coming from the lowest bottom of society and from the highest ends of society, trickling towards the middle until the entire spectrum is under Fascist liberal control.

The Left and the majority of Liberals don’t understand that those who will end up benefiting most from this Liberal movement are the Rich. The left become passionate and divide themselves amongst each other from everyone else over differences no one else noticed but those on the left, ironically. Through this division the powerful can conquer. I’m not talking about powerful white Christian men either, they are close to being defeated; I’m talking about the new power brokers of the world; Powerful Jewish executives, Bankers and journalists.

Please don’t take this as an anti-Semitic statement, I can’t help the fact that the majority of powerful individuals in the highest positions of corporate and political power happen to be Jewish or Pro israel in our country, or that Jewish people overwhelmingly vote Left. Pair this with the underlying Marxist (Jewish) tactics coming from the Liberal party and one can make a connection and blurt out the all too famous line: “Coincidence? I think NOT!”

Plenty of regular Jewish folks are aware of Zionism themselves and don’t support it; plenty of Jewish folks are against the state of Israel and its odd ability to get away with breaking international law, so don’t go around hating your Jewish neighbor. The fella down the street is most likely not involved, much like not all Mexican people are members of drug cartels, only very few, so don’t begin to act hostile towards the Jewish store owner down your street. This is a topic for another day.

The point is, Liberalism benefits these powerful men, all of them, but Zionism in particular. I’ll discuss the relationship between Liberalism in current America and Marxist/Jewish Zionism later as there is a connection and this movement and strategy has been done before believe it or not (“Peoples Will” group. Russia late 1800’s, tactics are exactly the same, ill post on this later).

Aside from that, Liberalism is against boundaries. They have an incorrect mindset in which they believe that a Man or Woman is truly free when all boundaries are eliminated. This is true and false at the same time. It is true that People are free when there are no boundaries. A bird in a cage is not free, however, the bird never enters a cage at its own discretion, it is placed there. The same goes for boundaries and their effect on Freedom. The problem with boundaries occurs when a powerful entity such as a Government places them. This has an effect on Freedom, especially if the Freedom the Government has set limits on is an action or belief that doesn’t cause direct harm to anyone, such as with marriage and gay marriage.

However, Human beings themselves thrive on setting personal boundaries. The Left somehow isn’t able to make this distinction between personal boundaries and legal boundaries and the way they affect our lives. This is because they worship their beliefs therefore never questioning the repercussions or negative aspects of them. The bird is free if it isn’t placed in a cage but the bird also won’t won’t be so free it will willingly fly to altitudes that affect its oxygen levels and internal pressure. It won’t fly distances or in weather that can damage it either. These limits are actually beneficial to the bird.

The Human is the same. Self-Discipline is vital to be a successful person in any area, physical, financial spiritual. The boundaries we set for ourselves make us stronger, healthier and smarter. The Left wants everyone to be as free as they can be in every aspect. Too much of a good thing is definitely a thing as you risk falling on the other end of the spectrum where you are so free you become a slave to your addictions and pleasures. It has got to the point where they are literally redefining what is to be healthy. Pushing the boundary of health out further, until it no longer exists, based on no medical criteria whatsoever, for the sole purpose of having someone without any self-discipline feel ok about destroying their vessel. They are doing this to every aspect of life. What is to be considered attractive?: Everything. What is to be considered healthy; Everything. Where do we draw the line?: Nowhere. This philosophy is a recipe for disaster.

This philosophy has the danger of breeding a narcissistic society.

Boundaries and self-discipline is essential for Human progress. Without it, we do the opposite of progress and begin the backwards climb onto the counterproductive, irrational and irresponsible ladder that leads to the fall of a great Human being and in this context the fall of a great nation and the fall of a great ideal of what it means to be an American.

Patriotic. Hard working. Disciplined. Intelligent. Accountable. Brave. Free.

My only hope is that Liberals begin to question their beliefs. Really question them. Perceive events from a different angle. See the world as it actually is, not as they’ve been told it is. Despite common belief the world isn’t that bad of a place. Despite their beliefs, no, not everyone is out to get everyone. I hope they realize that their paranoia, views and beliefs are neither sustainable nor realistic long term.

I hope they realize that without boundaries and limitations we can’t have success, we can’t have a nation, we can’t have a people, we can’t have a military, we can’t have a functioning society. We can’t be constantly challenging every aspect of our society as nothing will ever be established and nothing will ever get done. This is what scares my about Liberalism, it is sabotage and disruption for the sake of sabotage and disruption. They have no clear goals, no clear direction, no clear demands and no clear proposals. The only proposals I ever hear are in regards to dismantling this great nation and turning it into some kind of sanctuary dump for all the world’s problems all while taxing it’s citizens an absurd amount to support the flood of people that will be pouring in, living off their proposed generous welfare system. That isn’t a solution. That is the direct dismantling of a nation.

Therefore I do believe that the end goal of Liberalism, either directly or indirectly, is the fall of this Nation. Therefore should be considered treason or conspiracy until their goals and proposals are rational and in line with the preservation and sustainability of our country.


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