[Philosophy] Life: Patterns and Algorithms

I was looking at the stars on a cold winter night outside of my mothers house after a good dinner with my family. My brother walks out and we begin to talk about life in general. I was giving him advice on a certain, rocky situation in his life and I explained the pros and cons of his options and the potential consequences that could occur if one defies their logic and submits to their emotional impulses. Then the questions began. Questions such as “where is it all leading up to?” and many other questions along those lines.

It got me thinking about free will vs destiny. Nature vs nurture and if both concepts could actually be one and the same. I really began to look at my life, the events that have unfolded and those to come. I began to wonder about the ins and outs of every day life, not just that of humanity, but life in general. Every second we sit still, millions of other things are moving and vice versa. Life goes on. Life finds a way.

Looking at the stars after our conversation I thank my brother for kicking my mind into high gear. I remember a tree catching my eye and I begin looking at the tree, its branches, then the tree next to it, and the tree next to it. I see that all the surrounding trees are the same species, and they are all around the same height and have similar characteristics. Then the question came, how does the tree know to stop growing? How does the tree know how many branches to grow? I’m aware that all these characteristics are due to the genetic construct of that particular species of tree but the simple fact that every tree looked like a twin to the tree next to it despite it being a completely separate seed kicked my philosophy induced imagination into an even higher gear.

I began to notice the mathematical chaos and balance of nature. I began to ponder about the energetic aspects of nature such as the wind, created by a shift in atmospheric pressures, the ocean waves, the sun light, the rain etc. I began to think about how life works. Why do species that refuse to adapt to their environment die off? Why do species that adapt thrive? What I’m trying to ask is, why does the environment change forcing everything else to change? What sparks the initial shift?

There’s no real answer.

If you look at nature it looks chaotic at first glance. Random. Unpredictable. However, upon further observation you begin to see that nature only looks chaotic because we are looking at the big picture. If one begins to look at the individual pieces that make up nature, such as every individual strand of grass rather than the entire grass bed, the individual wave in the ocean as opposed to the multiple waves coming to shore and crashing on their own individual accord.

We find that life is perfect.

Life is mathematically perfect.

Yes. The math is the only thing that remains consistent. We call this “math of nature” physics. The physics are always perfect. The physics are never broken. In other words, the math is never broken.

Upon making this discernment I began to imagine bogus mathematical equations surrounding every individual aspect of nature. I began to picture equations and measurements surrounding every individual blade of grass, every tree branch and leaf. Every time I felt the wind blow I imagined tangled calculus equations passing through me and my skin, receiving the signal of the wind, as multiple little calculator screens going crazy with numbers as the information was processed by my nervous system.. “I have calculated that there is a breeze and the breeze is cold”…

I was not on drugs! I don’t want my reader to think that I smoked a J out back in my moms yard prior to this nor that I was intoxicated. I was as sober as a doorknob! Unfortunately for us my mind just so happens to function this way.

To give you a visual on what I was envisioning, take a look at the pic below.

"Commelina communis L. side view" - Macoto Murayama http://www.thepipetteer.com/a-symbiosis-between-botanical-art-and-technology-by-macoto-murayama/

Imagine this, but on every single little nook and cranny, every corner, every angle, all over the place. Do it now, look at your surroundings and imagine these little equations and measurements popping up and surrounding everything you see.

Quite a visual isn’t it?

“Surrounded by Math, are we” is what Master Yoda should’ve taught Luke.

This realization that math is everywhere told me that I had to begin thinking linear, as math is linear. If math surrounds Life and math is linear then one can come to the logical conclusion that Life is linear.

Life is linear.

I then began to shift this philosohpy into our lives. If math is life, life is therefore linear. That means life may be a constant calculation of “life math equations” (physics equations?). Therefore, life is an infinite number of equations firing off every millisecond of every moment In this case, if there are multiple equations there have to be algorithms.

Algorithms. Hmm. What exactly is an algorithm? Lets take a look at the definition.




noun: algorithm; plural noun: algorithms

  1. a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

    “a basic algorithm for division”


Yes. certain aspects of life are algorithms. Harmonious equations that cannot be broken as they cannot be challenged as they sit surrounded by scattered equations that initiated the birth of the algorithm to begin with. Mathematical/ physical laws.

It’s tough getting what I observe into words so I apologize if this doesn’t make any sense. Honestly, I’d be surprised if you’re still reading at this point lol.

Lets talk about how this applies to you. You are where you are right now, at this very moment. Imagine that everything behind you is a cloud of equations that have already been calculated, everything from the front of your body forward are a bunch of unfinished equations that require a clash with other unfinished equations that have obviously not crossed paths yet, but every unfinished equation you have yet to encounter also has a cloud of finished equations behind it, as do you. Basically, the past is a series of solved equations that have added up to this present point in time while the future is the unsolved equation ready to be solved, only to branch off into another unsolved equation, the cycle goes on. This includes not the physical aspect of your being and surroundings. We’re talking about the social and emotional aspects of our daily lives. Events and circumstances.

When you begin to see your life, choices, encounters and inconveniences as mathematical equations figuring themselves out, life seems to make more sense, you don’t get as bummed about the negative points in your life and you are also able to make better decisions for your life as you’ll get into the habit of calculating the pros and cons, cause and effects.

Every step we take is a step towards fulfilling an equation in life, whether or not the equation benefits us is up to us or up to the surrounding equations. in other words, we solve our own equations through our own choices or life solves our equations on its own terma with whatever circumstance or event surrounding the unsolved equation. Think of it as a tumbleweed that can choose where it will tumble if it chooses to, but if it chooses not to direct itself, the wind will carry it in whatever random direction it goes. Life is the wind force. Algorithms (laws of physics) keep us from disobeying nature and force us to remain in harmony with the mathematical order of things. However, we humans have an advantage, we have consciousness. We are able to rationalize and perceive this mathematical phenomenon and alter it at will, simply because we can be aware of it. Like the tumbleweed that chooses to direct itself rather than let the wind dictate where it will go. 

Imagine a calculation that requires solving. Say you’re at a coffee place and you’re in line waiting for your drink. Calculations (causes and effects) are buzzing in that area but there is an equation that is standing by for resolution; Yours. The equation you currently have open requires another unfinished equation to come into contact with it and fulfill it. You have 2 equations here.. 10+5=15 (the 15 is your waiting) and 25+10=30 (30 being the barista finishing your drink).. the preferred sum would be for 15 and 30 to come together and make 45 (you receive your drink, the barista moves to the next and the sum of 45 branches off into a new linear equations for both of you), the equation is completed harmoniously. However, when you go to reach for your coffee, the barista lets go too soon and the coffee falls to the floor, spilling everywhere. Instead of the 15 and 30 coming together to make 45, both sums will never come together now, instead, they each branch out into a tree of all new equations that require a whole new set of resolution. Do you understand where I’m going?

We will never actually see numbers of course and I dont believe we live in any kind of advanced simulation, the numbers and equations i speak of dont pertain to actual numbers and actual equations, it is a metaphor and visual explaining the “math” of cause and effect, action and reaction.

How does this help you in your life?  I know my ramblings can get way off the rails and over explained, but its simple, understand that Life will fill your equations for you if you don’t take an active role in filling those equations yourself, and it will fill your equations with whatever open equation it has closest to you. This is called “taking an active role in your life”. It is nothing more than plugging in the numbers to your own equations creating outcomes that you want vs being at the mercy of life’s equations. Hence the saying “Life happens”.

Understand however, that as a participant in this “grand calculation” you are not above being or becoming a factor for surrounding equations. Such as a car accident and things of the sorts or winning the lottery. At times, you simply just are at the right place at the right time, or wrong place at the wrong time. Some things will happen to you with or without your wanting, as they require to happen to fill an equation that requires to be filled at that moment.

Some call these events the butterfly effect, a butterfly flaps its wings and the ripples cause a gust of wind that changes pressures in the atmosphere that causes higher winds to move to the south where there are hot and cold winds that wouldn’t have mingled otherwise and before you know it, you have a hurricane. This example is obviously extreme but it paints a picture on how I perceive life to work. The random car accident you had was the result of being caught in the middle of a butterfly effect (or it could mean you stink behind the wheel). Your accident also had a butterfly effect on the equations around you, such as slowing down traffic to a crawl affecting and altering the equations of others for the entire day and perhaps even for their entire lives, in a small way of course, don’t want you to begin to think of yourself as the center of the universe :).

This is why I try and be more understanding of the inconveniences in life. They are nothing more than equations filling themselves out. If I get in a car accident, I know that all the factors that required that accident to happen were presented and they calculated perfectly to create that event. This realization doesn’t make the event suck any less, it just helps me be able to shrug it off easier at the end of the day.

Because at the end of the day..

it is what it is, because it is and that’s why..

or it is what it is because I made it as it is and that’s why..

It’s up to you.

Repeated equations that are never or hardly challenged create patterns. Life is a pattern as much as it is an unsolved equation. Yin and yang.

Patterns reflect the consistency and predictability of life while open equations represent the inconsistency and unpredictability that is life. We need a balance of both. Too much pattern and your life becomes “comfortable”. No progress or evolution is made and if you aren’t evolving and adapting to life, you are dying and withering with time.

Too much equation and no patterns (habits) and every aspect of your life can be unstable and uncontrollable.

Find where you are. If your life seems boring and monotonous, chances are you are living a pattern, you once took an active role, but once your equations stopped being challenged, you stayed in there. Life will come to disturb that pattern soon on it’s own terms if you don’t. You are no longer taking an active role in your life. If you seem to always be on the go, never feeling grounded “living life day by day” as my uncle says it, you are not taking an active role in your life and your equations are being filled out for you by the random events that surround you at that particular moment or day.

In both scenarios one is not taking an active role in their life. Taking an active role in your life means that you are investing ENERGY into your life, therefore your life keeps moving, when something is moving, that thing is alive and if it is alive and remains alive then it is also adapting, if it is adapting it is evolving. If you are taking an active role in your life, taking care of the patterns that benefit you, dismantling the patterns that don’t, filling your equations with actions and choices that bring about outcomes you want in your life and understanding that the unforseen negative events are simply the fulfillment of a butterfly effect type of equation that was above your influence (or they are the sum of your bad choices) means that your life is in a constant state of movement and evolution. Both extremes, giving in to the equations and the patterns is a lack of involvement and you will begin to fade from existence as you are no longer a participant in it.

There’s so much more to this I’d like to discuss but this is the gist of it (yea, just the gist!).

I hope it helps you as it has helped me.

if you have any questions let me know.

Thank you for your time.




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