[Poetry] Made of Stars

Your lips lay next to mine

Eyes dont drift away

Every breathe we take.. Gives life to love that yearns to stay…

.. You see..

Love is unforgiving, i was fine before i found you now everything is different

Hands that feel soft skin tend to get addicted, hearts that tend to love more tend to get inflicted

But i trust that youll take care of this smile and everything that it brings; moments that make us worth while

If i told you that im yours would you return a smile? If our pasts became one would you walk the mile? 

… Nothing without you…

…everything for you..

I see our future vivid every night i watch you sleep and our past becomes a story titled “You and me” 

Never in my life have i felt this way

So my emotions run wild and im on guard all day

But if i promise to hold these hands will you promise to understand that im your man…

To understand I have no secret exits planned.

 Come lay your lips next time..

Dont let your gaze drift away

For every breathe you take

Is a breath you took away from me…


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