[Politics] Trumps Presidency saved America 

We’re going to utilize logic, circumstantial evidence and common sense to try and understand the unwillingness of the Democratic party to accept the defeat of Hillary Clinton’s presidency.

In wake of the Democratic parties’ tantrums, the relentless legal pursuit against FBI Director James Comey for his possible ‘interference’ in the election,  in questioning and denouncing the effectiveness of the Electoral College, in accusing Russia of hacking the election and in labeling wikileaks a “terrorist” organization (in an attempt to distract public focus from the actual content that was made available) and the attempt to label independent news outlets as “fake news” as well as protesting and rioting in the streets, despite, prior to the results, calling for Republicans to “accept Mrs. Clintons’ Presidency in a civil manner” and reacting in the exact opposite manner, I became compelled to try and understand where this bad sportsmanship, where this unwillingness to cooperate is coming from.

The Democrats and Liberals will say that the purpose for their revolt is due to Donald Trumps’ “racially charged campaign”, that by voting him into office the regression of America, the undoing of civil rights and women’s’ rights has begun.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, it is simply a justification for their actions, an excuse, therefore I will not be touching on this matter here as I want to deconstruct the party in full. In regards to the “regression of America”, as I have been saying since the debates, we didn’t elect an all powerful dictator, we elected a President. Relax.

Lets begin by deconstructing their current philosophies.

In writing, the Democratic party believes in:

Social equality for all, they are strong advocates of Civil rights (since 1940). An active role for Government to oversee morality in business and politics. A Welfare system and systems that aid the poor. They believe in “big government”, the right for the government to regulate as much as it can (ties in with the belief that government is “unbiased” therefore better suited to oversee morality). Because they believe in a welfare system they must, and they do believe in higher taxes, especially for the rich. Naturally, they believe in gun regulation as it goes back to the belief of big government. Unionization of the work force. They are usually Pro-Choice. They have a few more beliefs, but these tend to be their main points.

The Democratic party has been dubbed “the party of the working man”. The Democratic party sounds like something I can get behind, were it not for the way it attempts to achieve such measures.

In practice, speaking in terms of current events. We see that the Democratic party, despite having selfless philosophies, have taken this “selflessness” to the extreme and morphed it into what I can only describe as a collective “self centeredness”.

This is all thanks to the parties’ adoption of the current wave of Liberal philosophy. The current Liberal philosophy has tilted to the extreme, on purpose. For those, like myself, who like to speculate, one could say that it naturally went to these extremes and that it can be seen as an indication of the democratic parties’ waning power and influence.

Currently, I have observed that many of their efforts are counter productive in the long run and some are simply beating a dead horse, matters such as “civil rights” for minorities ( I have enough rights, thanks) and “equal rights” for women, in our time (minorities and women currently have more rights and affirmative actions than non minorities and males in general in the economic, social and justice systems despite Liberal propaganda).

The Democratic party stands for the working person, the poor person and the person out of work. A noble stance. However, this stance has gone from “support the underprivileged” to “protect the victims”. This switch in ideology, much like a golf ball that is hit a millimeter too much to the left, has gone way off the rails. When this switch happened is hard to trace, but like I mentioned above with the example of the golf ball, a millimeter difference coupled with distance and time can make a tremendous difference in direction.

Above I mentioned that 2 of the liberal parties main points are fighting for “black/ minority rights” and “women’s rights” (gun restrictions come in a close second then unionizing the work force) in todays day and age they are beating a dead horse in that regard simply because the actions they are fighting against are no longer legal issues, not even social issues, but individual issues. Sparse is the true racist, bigot and misogynist. Too few in between to make an impact, and as the years go by they will become ever fewer in numbers.

However, when the foundation of your party becomes “victims” and “victimhood” and you come to a point where there are no longer many victims left, what do you do? You amplify every individual incident to validate your cause. The liberal party relies on your victimization for validation. Ironically the liberal party actually feeds and grows with every incident that occurs, not with every problem they solve, thus their efforts are counter productive. They require you be victimized in some way or another to retain their numbers, with numbers, influence, influence= Power.

As I mention in my previous post “Cause and Effect”, one of their methods of achieving this required level of victimization is to begin censoring speech and creating rules out of thin air. As long as there are hundreds of rules people are bound to break them, mostly unknowingly or unintentionally of course, but no rule is too small for our current liberal party, break one of these rules and they will milk the validation from it as much as they can.

Thus began the era of “Political Correctness”. Political Correctness, as all movements that end up evolving into something oppressive and undemocratic, began under the guise of social justice. Hindsight is always 20/20 and we can see now that Political correctness was never a “social justice movement” but a political strategy to maintain and increase the power (numbers) of the Democratic party by evermore utilizing the “Us vs Them” tactic. It worked.

I grew up in the 90’s. When I was in elementary and middle school none of us, literally none of us took race and gender into account when dealing with anyone. I was raised that you respect your elders no matter what, and if a kid picks on you, tell an adult/ authority figure. I had (have) black friends, Chinese friends, middle eastern friends, Jewish friends, Muslim friends etc and all was well, differences never mattered. Do you know when it began to matter?

When the liberal controlled media began to talk about it.

All of a sudden, I noticed that my black friends were becoming aware of their “blackness”, they started grouping together, my Hispanic friends started grouping together. Before I knew it, though a lot of us still hung out, the occasional “its cus you aren’t black, its cus you aren’t white” remarks began. All of us on the side lines that didn’t buy into this Divide and Conquer propaganda just thought, “what does that matter?”

The point is, suddenly everyone was aware of how different they were from each other more than they had been in the 90’s, at least in my perspective. I place the blame on the republican party for never discussing it and the liberal party for inflating the matter out of proportion. You see, when you begin to stand up for the underprivledged in such an aggressive manner it gives the image that there is something terribly wrong occuring, when there isn’t. The effect this has on people will match that intensity, it made black people, Hispanic people, religious minorities question.. wait.. I’m different? wait.. i’m not treated at the same standard as everyone else? .. these thought processes are natural when an outsider comes up to you, points towards your group in front of everyone else and claims to everyone else that your group of people are “just like everyone else”, to “stop oppressing your people”, “your people deserve a fair chance too” , it makes  the “defended” group of people who never felt discriminated against before, or question that they are being treated differently, begin to do so.. and the answers the mind wants, the mind will get… Therefore, the outcome is what we are seeing today with minority groups that give in to all this bull, such as the BLM for example. One must question if this outcome was a deliberate tactic by the liberal party.

I don’t want to sound ignorant and state that there isn’t any progress to be made. That discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes don’t exist. I know they do, I’ve been “victim” of them myself at times. I am aware these actions still exist, but in defense of my points here, these instances only occurred a few times in my life total and very far in between. The point I’m trying to make is that the Liberal party is turning a community issue into a political, social issue.

Our problem isn’t in society per se, our problem is in our neighborhoods, our communities, in our home. Yes these are aspects that make up society as a whole, but as I mentioned, the incidents are so few in between in general that it isn’t at a scale that requires a social movement. It can be treated at the community level.

True issues that is, not fake issues, such as the Liberal parties censorship of commonly used words such as “crazy”, or their demand to fine (up to $250,000) for not referring to someone in their preferred pronouns. These efforts are ridiculous and against our constitutional rights. Liberals be like: “not that darn constitution again! It was written by slave owners and white privileged Cis males!”. True but, compared to the rest of the world, these guys were way ahead of the curve.

Democrats and Liberals are all about big government. One of the events that come to mind that I find rather ironic is the movement for the rights of gays to marry. First of all, I was all for it, I have gay friends and I’ll be participating in a gay wedding this year in October, and also, I dont believe there is a sanctity” of marriage anymore, despite what the christians may believe. The “sanctity” of marriage was a Christian justification for their opposition. Christians are against gay marriage, as they should be, or should I say, as expected, however, I couldnt help laughing to myself when I saw the uproar of the LGBT community when they found out the Christian communities were against them! My gay friends what did you expect? … My goodness… Remember this point as I’ll get back to it later. What was ironic to me was that Gay people had to protest BIG GOVERNEMNT getting involved and limiting their personal lives. Most if not all LGBT supporters vote Democrat. See the irony? They support big government when it comes to everyone ELSE who don’t practice their philosophy but they dislike big government in any of their own affairs. Hmm….

Now that we have a little understanding in how the Liberal party has spun out of control in regards to individual censorship, protection of specific groups of people for no reason other than the fact that they are minorities, the disproportionate amount of influence the LGBT lobby has in comparison to it’s small population ( characters, movies and comics are being re written with gay characters, not in a natural way but one that seems forced) and the political pressure their demands are putting on leaders to make all of these philosophies legal, in other words, demanding that big government force everyone else to conform to their minority philosophy whether the majority of people agree with it or not.

Back to the point of the LGBT community acting appalled at the opposition brought about by the Christian community, though, to me it was humorous, it was also a little unsettling. This reaction from the LGBT community towards Christians told me that they are not just looking for their right to marry, they want everyone, even people who are religiously restricted in supporting homosexuality to not only tolerate them, but accept them. How dictative of them. Such an example can be found when a lesbian couple was turned away by a Christian bakery, instead of the lesbians respecting the beliefs of the Christian owners and pursuing another bakery, the liberal media made the incident, this insignificant incident that could’ve been avoided with an “ok, well thanks anyway” on the lesbians part, go viral and become an actual topic of discussion. Wow. By the way, this is the fate of that bakery.

My love goes out to the owners.

Acceptance and tolerance are 2 different things and I don’t think the Liberal party understands this, or worse, they do and don’t care. They don’t want your tolerance, they want your actual beliefs and values altered.

The bakery closed because of one reason: Fascism.

Lets visualize a world where the Liberal Democratic party has complete control over the country. What do we see?

Minorities committing crimes and being absolved of those crimes or reduced sentences not in proportion to the crime. A socialist society with a large portion of the population on welfare. Open borders. More people in jail for misusing pronouns, mocking the government or any protected group than people in jail for violent crimes. People prospering in the nation simply because of what group they belong to while others are impoverished for the same reason (namely white and Christian populations). Absurdly high taxes for those few who do work. Poverty will increase as a broken welfare system will destroy any incentive to work. The media won’t change much it’s already biased as hell. Internet will be limited or heavily monitored, many websites will be shut down without notice, free speech and free thoughts such as the words on this blog will be deleted and fines may be imposed (TPP anyone?). Starting a small business will be near impossible as Democrats are all about putting people to work not necessarily helping them in creating their own businesses, therefore, corporate chains will be our only option on where to shop and where to work. Only authority and criminals will carry guns, leaving law abiding citizens in the middle wishing on a star should they be attacked by either side. Under this system the richer will get even richer and the poorer even poorer. 

You cant fight and demand equality in essence while implementing double standards in practice.

I believe both parties are irrelevant in this day and age. Neither side have the peoples interests at heart. The Republicans tend to be greedy and unethical and the Democrats are still fighting for causes they’ve already won. Both parties kiss corporate Lobby and AIPAC ass at the end of the day. 

The mannerisms of the Democratic party show that they are now all about control, not freedom of the people. Someone needs to tell them that you can’t free people by controlling their actions. I hate to say it, but between Republicans and Democrats I’d have to say the Republicans allow more freedoms than the current Democratic party.

Cause and effect. The inevitable power grab by the Republicans this election was, well, inevitable, despite liberal propaganda stating their win is an indication of something “really wrong” in our country. As a a matter of fact, I believe it is an indication of something really positive. Trumps presidency tells us that the everyday american doesnt want to be censored, doesnt want to be coddled and doesnt want to be “supported and protected” by their government, the common american wants to get back to work. 

The liberal movement has made the Republican party almost sound like the voice of reason, the voice of common sense. I believe this shift was inevitable. The liberal/ democratic movement did something positive and that was forcing the Republican party to become sensitive in matters that they would otherwise ignore and pay no creed to. As i mentioned before, the truth tends to be in between 2 extremes. Imagine the Republicans (notice i dont necessarily say conservatives) and Democratic liberals in a tug of war of sorts. Previously both parties had an equal amount of force and at times one party would have a little more force than the other. The pit in the middle is where the Truth lies, in between the 2 extremes. The liberal party has had so much force this time around that the Republican party has been forced, in a way, to “fall into the truth”, the pit of reason and common sense. This is why the Republicans won this election. They were the voice of reason in a liberal nation full of nonsensical chit chatter. Despite the liberal medias attempt to sway public opinion, they achieved the opposite as the average american, though not too bright, is also not that blind. The liberal party over did it in their bias. 

The majority of folks realize It’s all about control for the democratic party. 

Their influence is waning because of this realization and they know it. 

This is why the Democrats are throwing a tantrum.

This is why they are going after Director Comey.

This is why they are going after the Electoral college.

This is why they’re accusing Russia of hacking the election (Russia is getting in the way of American imperialism and we need an excuse to shut them down.)

This is why they labeled Wikileaks a terrorist organization, why didn’t they do so when Wikileaks first struck? well, they weren’t ‘this close’ to achieving their goals before. A Hillary Clinton presidency would have sealed the deal. It didn’t happen.

This is why they are pushing to censor “Fake news”, in other words, un-biased, Independent news providers (so begins the era of online censorship). They want you to get your news from “reputable” sources such as CNN, ABC, etc. In other words, sources with a biased script. I dont say “liberal script”, because the Republicans can take control of the media and take advantage of it as well. 

I feel sorry for Liberals who truly believe their cause and actions are relevant in todays day and age. Unfortunately they are merely pawns for the overall objective of their party, that objective is control, that objective is censorship. From what it seems, the objective is to establish the foundation of an Oligarchy. An Oligarchy that is accepted by the masses under the guise that these oligarchs are here for our “protection and preservation”. Why else would they want big government? Legal censorship? Core curricullum? Biased news stations? Unionized work force? A generous welfare state? Open borders? … To increase our dependency on our government, therefore bringing about an inevitable oligarchy. One can only speculate at the moment unfortunately, and i am one to speculate negative extremes. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best if you will. 

The Democrats are going after any reason, anything whatsoever that could have hindered the presidency of their chosen candidate so that the next time around.. well.. they’ll be sure to not have any of those “inconveniences” get in the way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Democratic party itself isn’t a problem, the current Liberal philosophy and its relentlessness is the problem.

Ironically, their tactics became the product of their own demise. 

A Hillary Clinton presidency would have locked in their power for years to come by passing unconstitutional bills that would have managed to change the course of this nation from one of Freedoms and Rights to one of Censorship and Surveillance. 

Therefore, a Trump Presidency has saved America, atleast for the next 4 years. I sincerely hope he does well. 

Remember to always think for yourselves and to try to put the pieces together. These events are all a big puzzle, try and connect the dots and see the bigger picture, even if you find yourself to be wrong, atleast you’re using your noggin.

Never believe in anything too much, always doubt everything you hear, question the motives of powerful and influential people. Love, support and take care of your neighbor.

Thank you for your time.









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