[Philosophy] Cause and Effect

Ladies and gentlemen i’ve noticed something. I’ve noticed something significant. I’ve noticed that we as a nation, as a people, have been fighting our political, social and economic battles all wrong. Wasting our time. Wasting our energy. Getting nothing done, creating no real solution, only temporary solutions that function well enough and just long enough that it satisfies the people enough to look away from that particular problem. Once we do, well, the useless solution we implemented to fix it eventually implodes and ceases to be effective. However, by the time that happens, our energies are being wasted on another problem… Again.

Why is that? Why does it seem that we’ve been rallying against social injustices, corporate carelessness, political corruption etc. since time immemorial yet, to this day, we continue to experience the above? 

We’ve been fighting against political corruption for ages, yet, the current aura of politics continues to be corruption.

We’ve been fighting against the large influence of Corporations on our Government, yet, now more than ever it seems corporations have more of an influence on policy than the People.

These examples go well beyong politics and business and also apply to our personal lives. For example, everyone knows rape is bad, so why are there still rapists out there? Theives? Murderers?

Why is that? Well, answering this first why is easy. To answer why this is we must first identify what it is.

What it is, is easier to identify than why it is.

What it is: 1) lack of empathy 2) Ignorance. 3) The masses’ inability to think critically.

Pick one or mix and match as you wish.

Why we resort to the whats’ mentioned above will be difficult to breakdown and understand. Too many factors come into play, therefore, to solve it in that manner will require creating many solutions as I would be attempting to, as everyone else, fight the effect. Unfortunately for the manipulative and wasteful I am a man who breaks complicated matters down to ordinary matters and through simplification create a universal solution, one that will have lasting and authentic effects.

With that said, our problem (speaking in the U.S.A., but can very well apply to the world) is that we have the tendency to fight the EFFECT of every matter, rather than the cause. 

Thats it. Thats our entire problem. Goodnight.

Just kidding, you cant get me to shut up that easily.

Cause and Effect ladies and gentlemen.

Eliminate the Cause and the Effect will cease.

How many times have you, in particular, heard that saying? Do you think any of your family members have heard this saying? How about friends? Friends of friends? Obviously i’ve heard this saying. Chances are 90% of us in this country have heard this saying at one time or another.

…then why in the hell do we continue to fight against the effects?

If a single sentence could save humanity from every single problem we face it would be this one sentence.

This one sentence has the capacity of putting anything corrupt, polluting, dangerous or evil out of bussiness, politics, neighborhoods and behaviors. 

So why dont we utilize this ideological weapon, identify the causes of all our ailments and hindrances and eliminate them from our equation?

I don’t believe the problem is that we are unaware of this simple fact, that to eliminate the cause you cease the effect. I dont believe the collective intelligence of the masses is that low (though walking down the street one might beg to differ), although, be aware that i’m aware it isn’t that high either.

I dont believe humanity is that stupid but I do believe humanity is that emotional.

Emotions skews our Logic.

I have a little saying that if youre over emotional chances are you’re not that bright  and if you’re highly analytical, logical, chances are you arent that loving.

The key is balance, of course.

Back to the point.

This emotion problem is a big problem. When confronted with an issue it makes one want to take action right away, without thinking, analyzing, empathizing or in anyway try to understand the situation. Its an impulsive response. Dont get me wrong, I am aware that we evolved this way for a reason, its a great tool for survival, however, these “emotional impulses” are no longer being generated from a sabertooth tiger attack or invasion from a rival tribe but rather from differing opinions and beliefs.

When we act emotionally to an illogical situation we will always get the wrong answer.

Emotion makes us look at an effect, at a symptom, and confuse it as the cause. 

Thats the problem. We are looking at effects, mistaking them as the cause, fighting this “cause” at full force, creating temporary solutions, all so the issue could return once again in a few years.

Its like treating a patient for cancer without ever removing the cause. The patient has aches and nausea, they go to the doctor, the doctor says “Oh its cus you have cancer, the cancer makes everything hurt”, so they treat the cancer without ever identifying the cause which is that the guy works at a chemical facility and refuses to wear the safety gear properly. Whats going to happen? This fella is treated for cancer, cured of it, maybe even for a few years… However, the guy remains in the environment that gave him the cancer in the first place … He doesnt want to leave, or accept that his job is whats giving him cancer because “he loves his job and gets paid very well”. In this instance, we have a case of emotion skewing logic. The permanent solution here would be to take a pay cut and find a safer job, thus eliminating the cause and ceasing the effect, eliminate the cause, treat the effect and the problem is gone. However, because Mr.Hypothetical “loves” his job, he will remain in that environment, keep going to the doctor to treat his symptoms until his last day on this Earth.

(I apologize if this analogy simplifies the plight of cancer patients, that isn’t my intention. I love you all, keep up the good fight)

I think you get the picture.

I’m going to outline a method you can use in your own life, in society in government, anywhere really, where you can identify the cause and eliminate effects.

Step 1) identify the situation.

Is there really a problem? One must first ask themselves honestly. To execute the “Cause effect equation” correctly everytime you must be completely honest and unbiased in your approach.

For example, nowadays we have alot of feminists and liberal social justice warriors creating problems and victimization out of nothing. These poor college kids are going to universities being told they are victims, somehow, in some way. They then re enter our world looking for a pepretrator. At first they couldnt find many, as unfortunately, there just arent enough racists or mysoginists out there to justify their intense study on the matter, to justify the amount of time and credits spent. What do they do? They have spiraled to a point where everyday words, approaches and even a difference of opinion can be seen as an act of aggression or victimization of the person experiencing it, therefore increasing the odds of a justification for their cause. Similar to when a tyrannical school principal wants to get kids in trouble, he creates 10 rules, when he sees no ones breaking them, he creates 25 rules, then 30, then 40 every increase in the amount of rules we find the rules become more and more ridiculous. After a while everyone in the school realizes he isnt trying to keep the students safe he’s trying to throw kids in detention. That principal is a mean guy. What started out as a noble cause has become a fascist, almost quasi religious ideal that now seems to be an out of control train with no moderator. More focused on censoring and punishing others that behave and think differently rather than focused on accomplishing what they set out to do: Fight for equality. For all. 

Why did this spiral out of control? Because there was alot of emotion, no identifiable cause to eliminate. No accurate problem has been identified. These sjw’s believe that they must silence and change those around them that think differently, because those who think differently act differently and though this is true, the problem isn’t society per se, the problem is that they are not focused on the cause, they aren’t even focused on an effect. Ironically they are the effect everyone else here needs to identify the cause for to stop this counterproductive movement .However, whatever they are fighting, they are hitting the effect, mistaking it as the cause due to an over abundance of emotion in that particular field.

Emotion skews logic.

They would benefit more from being honest with themselves and identifying the real problem. However in this particular field, the problem is that there isnt much of a problem. True racists, mysognists and bigots are so sparce that they truly dont have much of an effect on society. Even so, if these true racists, bigots and womanizers voiced their opinions, the majority of people surrounding them will most likely put a stop to it. Slavery and Jim crow laws were not reversed by people who adopted the mindset and actions of our current liberal party but rather by logical thinkers who identified cause, took action that would create lasting solutions. No liberal studies course required. No censorship required. They may argue that this is true because “well, just look at how the media portrays women and the lack of color in movies and television” … Their problem is with the media, not necessarily common folk in the street with differing opinions. All this has done is create an “us vs. You” mentality, creating enemies when none were present before. I always say that if your “solutions” creates more problems than solutions, your solution is a problem. Wasted energy, wasted efforts.The importance of identifying the problem.

Step 1 is to identify the problem.

Step 2. Once the problem is identified. Remove your own bias and your own emotions. Otherwise, the problem will become a juicy steak waiting to be gobbled up as the cause.

This is important because 1. You eliminate a logical impediment and 2. Chances are you may find that your position on the matter was quite wrong.  Which is truly an enlightening experience. (oh how i love to learn ive been wrong. Growth comes from those moments)

For example. “immigrants are coming to this country and taking our jobs! We must enforce stricter borders, fund and staff our border patrols up the hoot and deport the known illegal immigrants out of this country!”

That is a war cry fighting the effect. The problem isnt immigrants “taking jobs”, one does not “take a job” one is “hired” for a job. However, no out cry against employers who hire illegal immigrants, no outcry for tougher penalties and reprimands for these companies or employers. We’d rather spend millions of tax dollars securing our borders rather than reaping millions penalizing the employers who choose to hire people that arent supposed to be here, penalizing for hiring them, and a seperate penalty for not reporting them as well as aiding and abbeding. If we had 3 seperate penalizations just for hiring an illegal immigrant, how fast do you think the practice will end?

Step 2: remove your emotions.

Step 3: identify the cause.

Why do employers choose to hire illegals over citizens in the first place? Hmm, perhaps the high cost of insurance, the cost of benefits, fees and taxes per employee etc. Too many regulations and taxes are imposed per employee, discouraging the small business owner to hire citizens. if he can get away with it, why not spend less on a person willing to work more?

The cause in this case would be too much regulation, high employee insurance premiums and taxes per employee.

I can dive deeper but its just an example.

Ok, cause has been identified.

Step 4: create a lasting solution.

So far, you have identified the problem, removed the emotion, identified the cause.. Now its time to create the solution. The solution is simple. Once the cause is identified either reverse, eliminate or alter the mindset, policy or directive to better balance the outcome.

By now you have succesfully reverse identified the entire situation, you should know where the problem was and what really went wrong. Try the solution out. If it doesnt seem to produce the desired outcome, try this process all over again until the outcome is satisfactory.

This simple method can and should be utilized when confronted with any issue or inconvenience or when observing any seemingly complex situation. The only problem with the method is it can get very abstract and far off the tracks. You have to know when to stop. Trying to find the true cause of something is like repeatedly asking ‘Why?’, ask it enough and you can end up so deep into the topic that you begin to question your own existence!

As an effect can be confused as a cause, likewise a cause can be confused as an effect during this process. Know when you’ve reached the cause of your problem and don’t try to analyze what caused the cause. Over analyze become paralyzed and take no action.

The cause is usually found in the 3rd to 6th link. I believe Causes only go 6 steps up maximum, 3 minimum.

Example, for more complicated matters (such as Socio economic situations)

Effect – Effect – Effect- Effect- Effect- Cause

for simple matters (such as individual matters)

Effect – effect- Cause

Go any more than 6 “steps” and you may be over analyzing. Go lower than 3 and you may have mistaken an effect as the cause.

Reverse identification is how you find your causes. Much like the Iq question of find the missing number.

20 – 30 -48 -74 -? (?=solution)

How do we find the solution? find the Cause.

20 – 30 -48 -74 -?

between 20 and 30 is = 10

between 30 and 48 is = 18

between 48 and 74 is = 26

now we have-

20 – 30 -48 -74 -?

– 10 – 18 – 26

Between 10 and 18 is=8

Between 18 and 26 is= 8

8 is the common denominator. let’s try it out with the last number in the rail, 26.

26+8= 34.

34+74= 108.


20 – 30 -48 -74 -108

– 10 – 18 – 26

– 8    –   8

See what I did there? I hope I haven’t lost you!

Its the same exact concept just replace numbers with events. Identify the effects, distinguish the common denominator between all of them and you have your cause.

Thank you for your time. I hope this helps. If you need help with specific examples share them below and i will help you identify your cause.

For positive experiences, approach logically.




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