Politics, Philosophy, Poetry 

My last post outlined a possible triage, a sort of alliance between Government, Media and Corporations. Given the tone of the article i hope none of you succumb to your habit of categorization and begin to label me as ‘right/ left winged”conspiracy theorist’etc. I see what i see and make a distinction and make those distinctions public for you to agree with, disagree with, or debate with. I hope to create a base of followers that welcome different opinions, throw them into the intellectual coliseum and watch logic and common sense reign supreme. Through heated debate, objective thought and openness to differing opinions we will find the Truth. 

 For those of you not interested in Politics only poetry and philosophical excerpts, disregard the politcal posts and be aware that I will continue to post poetry/philosophy for your emotional/spiritual satisfaction. 

 Thank you for your time. 

– Carlos Ramses 



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