[Politics] Obama signed The Counter Disinformation and Propaganda act, the end of Democracy?


Coincidences have become common within our Government/Corporations/Media. (The G/C/M)

Coincidence that the Russians are being blamed for interfering in an election and the supposed impact “fake news stories” had on Hillary Clintons campaign giving way to  justifying the passing of this bill into law. A bill that was created in March, suspiciously waiting an opportunity, an excuse to be passed.

I am not a leftist, nor am I on the right. I am simply an observer.

This G/C/M Trinity, they have become symbiotic with one another. Supporting each other to further their common agenda.

One cant help but ask, what agenda? It is a valid question. You see, we live in a world of labels and visuals. We are given a label and that label thus provides a visual and therefore a brief understanding of what is being said. If we are given a broad label, our visual will be broad as well. Keep this in mind.

Whenever either one of the members of this Trinity (The G/C/M) makes a mistake, is exposed or is caught in a lie. The other 2 take action and cover it up. This may sound like a conspiracy theory, if so, please feel free to read over a few examples below:

Such as how

(M= Media. G= Government. C=Inc.’s)

the Fast and Furious scandal had limited media coverage and was practically swept under the rug after a brief, mini-outrage. (M helps G)

the Government bailed out big banks rather than letting them fail due to their own crappy business practices and investments -2008-(G helps C)

A near complete Media blackout during one of 2016’s biggest protests at the DAPL (unfortunately unable to find a “reputable”source to verify the matter, which is the problem) (M helps C)

…and now, we finally have Government helps Media with the NDAA Counter disinformation and Propaganda Act. Quietly signed into Law by President Obama Dec 2016. We will touch more on this later. (G helps M)

Ladies and Gentlemen there are countless examples of this Trinity helping itself out over and over again one simply has to take the time to look and have the capacity of critical, independent thought to put the pieces together and come to the conclusion that something is terribly wrong here.

These 3 entities should be completely separate and independent. Having no influence over one another. Yet, in the small and few examples above, we have come to find that not only are they partnered with one another, they’ve practically developed a symbiotic relationship.

Back to the point of labels and visuals. This Trinity protects itself with labels, through broadness and indirect repercussions they keep themselves safe from the wrath of the People by pretending to be outraged at one another. Listen close the next time it happens.   They always begin by stating the specific problem itself but as soon as they get a chance, they make it broad and start using broad labels, diverting attention away from the main problem and turning it into a broad issue almost minimizing the amount of responsibility of the perpetrator. A kind of “but everyone does it too so it’s an industry/ Government/ Media problem all together”.

Read over this TIME article on the Johnson & Johnson cancer causing baby powder scandal and see this strategy for yourself.

You will find that it progresses from “this specific corporation and this specific problem”, to “it’s an industry issue, a regulation issue”. The outrage continues in this way, then once all the attention is on “the industry”, they revert back to the specific company, the specific problem, a penalty is issued, an insignificant bill is passed and the problem is gone.

You may say “Well Carlos, if the company was fined and an adjustment to regulation was made then the problem was solved, what’s the problem?”

My reader, the issue isn’t whether or not the problem gets “solved”, the problem is the way the Media portrays and protects the Company. It satiates the Peoples curiosity and outrage therefore crushing anymore questions and investigation on the matter.

Questions such as-

Johnsons and Johnson is a reputable company with decades in the market and billions in revenue and state of the art research departments. Couple this with the fact that we have public lists of cancer causing agents. We are aware and have been aware for sometime of ingredients that cause Cancer. Am I to believe that Johnson & Johnson was completely oblivious of the cancer causing agent in their products?

The media is blaming lack of government involvement and regulation in this field, stating this is why this happened. My question to that is, so the solution is more government rather than a higher legal standard of morals and ethics for corporations and higher repercussions for violating them?

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here.

There are strategies in the media. Through broad labeling they make specific problems become broad problems rendering the problem vague therefore producing a vague solution that doesn’t even tackle the actual problem. The problem with blaming the G/C/M for everything is that it ironically creates solutions/ regulations that further empower the G/C/M rather than holding those responsible accountable. in the case of Johnson & Johnson we find that the solution here wasn’t to question the Morals and Ethics of this company but rather that Government wasn’t around to regulate, therefore our solution is to give the Government, the Media, the Corporations more power, more authority, so things like this “don’t happen again.”

The Media is the strongest arm of this Trinity.

And now, with the Counter Disinformation and Propaganda Act that arm has been injected with steroids.

As the example above with the DAPL pipeline. There was no reputable source (ABC, CNN etc) covering the protests, at least not at the scale that it should have been. A brief mention here and there of the biggest protest of 2016 within these media outlets is considered a media black out. No reputable source is found on their lack of coverage on the matter of course.

Thanks to the CD&P Act, the link I posted above discussing the media’s black out on the DAPL would now be considered “fake news” despite the fact that the truth of the matter is, there really was a media black out on the matter.

However, because no “reputable sources” reported their own black out on this protest (I mean, why would they report themselves on the fact they failed to report?) according to this law, the link I posted would be considered “fake” and removed from the internet, because it isn’t from a “reputable source”. The question is, without this “un-reputable source” where else would we be reading about this black out?

Ladies and Gentlemen this law changes everything. We have entered a new era in the U.S.A. The Era of Censorship.

We we’re warmed up to accepting personal censorship through the Liberal agenda under a noble guise called “political correctness”.

This is how all these laws are justified. Through Noble, Patriotic excuses. This is how lies and manipulation work Ladies and Gentlemen, give 80% Truth, 20% lie and it will sound like a full truth.

Check out this article explaining the ‘Countering information Act’. They write it in a way to make the reader WANT to believe in it. It almost sounds like something North Korea would write to it’s people to persuade them once again on how honorable and noble their government actually is… as they all starve of course.

Keep in mind, this is exactly how the NSA came to be and the justifications in this article are the ones used to justify the NSA. Then along came a fella’ named Snowden.

When the Government decides what is Truth and what is not we are ruled by a fascist Government.

When the Corporations have more power over the Government than the people. When Corporations are able to pass laws for the benefit of the Corporations at the expense of the People of the Environment or of the Government itself without the approval of the People we are living in a Banana Republic.

Ladies and Gentlemen I urge you not to take every word I say as fact, but to think and counter even my own words.

Think for yourselves, come to your own conclusions, ask questions. The foundation of this great Country is independent thought. Remove independent, critical thought from the people, from me, from you, your neighbor, the people you pass by on the street, remove critical independent thought from all of them, as has slowly been done these past couple decades, and the foundation of this country collapses and the country as we know it will follow suit.

The G/C/M like to tell us, “These are the opinions we want you to debate”, they throw it into the crowd and that’s what we debate. “Hillary vs Trump who do you want?? Here, fight amongst yourselves! pick one!” .. and we did.

This is just an example of course but think about it. The entire country was fighting over Hillary or Trump. Then you had the majority of people, as well as a few on all 3 sides, the Trump supporters, Hillary supporters but mostly independents and the People asking… “Why the hell are we stuck between these 2, and why the hell can’t we get rid of them as choices??”

That was the correct question. To ask this question gives way to more questions which would have eventually led us to questioning our system in it’s entirety and who knows what kind of true change that would have brought about.

The point is, ask questions my friend. Be skeptical of everything the G/C/M does and don’t believe them or give them their trust without them earning it first. “Innocent until proven guilty” is something courts do and should do, not People.

However, with the NDAA Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act, created by Democrats, approved by the sitting Republicans, 2 sides that never seem to agree on much but just so happened to agree on this, it may be too late.

I don’t believe in conspiracy theory, however I am a skeptic. I do believe something bigger is going on. There is a bigger agenda at play here.

I will touch on that agenda on my next article.

For now,I leave you with this, I will repeat once again:

When the Government decides what is Truth and what is not we are ruled by a fascist Government.

When the Corporations have more power over the Government than the people. When Corporations are able to pass laws for the benefit of the Corporations at the expense of the People of the Environment or of the Government itself without the approval of the People we are living in a Banana Republic.

Thank you for your time.






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