[Poetry] Passion

Have you ever lost your mind? Feeling like you’ve lost the side that chains the Beast inside?

Ticking clocks tick forever stars that never shine
 Laughing into silence, silently crying inside

 we’re all wearing masks it’s all fake but no one asks

Wheres my whisky flask.. Should a gentlemen ever doubt his guests you ask?

Some things go unsaid and some things are best unheard

Some desperations go unnoticed and some hearts just never hurt

And a picture says a thousand words but a look can say it all

Love is like a trick, both exist to watch you fall

You reach out to a hand that wasnt there for you at all

You swear you’ll never trust again, you built these walls

Now at the bottom of your pit, mind in a craze, eyes in a glaze

You curse your traitors name with the strength that remains

….and you reach out to the moonlight…

And you want it to reach back…

The way your tears reach for your heart..

…before it fades to black…


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