[Poetry] My only wish

I walk among you

Once like you

I laugh around you

But i do not laugh with you

The depth of your humor is shallow, innocent and basic, it displays your level of intelligence as well as your fear of being unaccepted. Through what you find amusing and what you find offensive I can tell who you are and what kind of cookie cutter upbringing you came from or attempt to reflect. 

Through observing how you treat your subordinates versus how you treat your superiors I can monitor your level of morals and honesty. 

The way you dress and what colors you wear tells me where your self esteem is as well as how you feel about yourself inside including the world around you.

I hope you understand that i cannot help but observe and analyze your person. 

You’re so proper, politically correct and humble. I hate watching it. 

Because i know more than anyone that deep down inside you wish you could free yourself from these social restraints. I can see in your eyes that youre tired of always being polite, holding doors open for those as ungrateful as you are, tired of acting like you give a damn. 

My only wish is to reach out to you and tell you that it’s ok.. That you can unleash yourself and still be accepted in this world.

 You’d ask how.. And i’d say.. “Via secrecy” and you’ll say that secrets are wrong.. And ill ask why .. And youll say ..”because they hurt people” .. And ill ask you to provide an example of when i’ve ever hurt you and you’ll stay silent.. As they say..What you dont know..

..I follow up by telling you that i too have had your eyes and i too have been invited to be all i could possibly be..youll ask..  “and what is that?” .. “.a child of the night” and this will scare you.. But ill go on to explain that the statement is a poetic way to say that i am one with my darkest desires.. 

My inner child basking in the dark closet the average person pretends not to have.. 

Ill lure you in with talk of liberation and self discovery 

Youll hesitate.. As you always do when presented with the option to act on something not within your acceptable programming.

I am not here to make you do anything you dont want to do I only want you to know that it is ok to do it. That behind closed doors, in privacy, we all can be and do whatever in the world we want to do so long as it does not harm another human being. 

However, though practicing your darkness alone is relieving… To share your darkness with a group is Liberating. 

Come with me my friend, let me take you to a place where you are truly free… A world free of judgement, rules or limitations. A world that drains your soul of its darkness and makes you a better member of society.. A better person.. A better lover..

Become as I am. Content. Consistent. Calm. 

I wouldnt have approached you if you didnt have that look about you.. What look? Please. Every polite gesture contains hesitation, your fake humility is obvious, the way your voice hightens when being insinserely polite and in the way you try so hard to blend in with the “accepted”. I can go on but i see youre getting embarrassed.

Pathetic. All of you. All of them.

The fact that you have this look about you is an indicator that you were meant to be free. You try so hard to be one of the Jones’ unaware that the Jones’are lost in their own fascist construct of social acceptance.

Its a tragedy really.

Listen to me… 

Your new found openness to new experiences, lifestyles and desires will allow you to expand spiritually as well. Once you break the chains of habit and comfort on a physical, emotional level, so too will your intellectual limitations diminish.Without the requirement to prove yourself to anyone for self validation, your confidence will rise. Once you feel fulfilled in all aspects, your life will ironically make you as normal as you try so hard to be now.

… All because you allowed yourself to be yourself. 

It is this, or eventual depression. 

The only goal in this life is to be truly free.. And thus far i have seen you only contain and limit yourself more and more to please those around you..

My dearest, forgive those around you.. For they know not what they do. 

For behind closed doors, rather than express themselves and be free they weep under the stresses of life. Stresses induced solely because of their stubborn self supression. 


Come to me. 

Come to yourself.

You were meant to be free….

My only wish is to tell you this. 

But alas i let you leave again… 


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