[Poetry] Madame

​The illusion of beauty is both a hindrance and a blessing bestowed unto only the human eye. You madam, have shown yourself to be the perfect standard of symmetry, the epitome of this blessing we call beauty, the hindrance of which allows us to identify chaos. Through you, I am able to identify all that is wrong with the world, and all that is right

   Because of fears hidden in darkness of night we know the comfort of day. Through the distance between us I find how close I truly am to you. Though a thousand words may be used to describe the emotion I experience when I see you, the impact of my words onto others pale in comparison to what it is to actually lay eyes on you

Its obsessive. Such is the curse of beauty on a sinning man. I have never been a man of greed but greed is all I am when confronted with the reality I am unable to keep you from the world. 
Should I have been god I would have created you last otherwise nothing would have gotten done. Should I have been satan I would have created you first so nothing ever got done.
I am a man known for his logic, rhetoric and objectivity. But it is the curse of the mortal man to discard such intellectual advances in the presence of a symmetry such as yours.

 My Love… Such as the day fades fo night, as the rains break to the Sun, as modern times become past, so too will your blessing fade
…And when it does.. i’ll be next to you and watch you whither into chaos ..

 through you i will witness the Truth that is Nature.

 through you i will witness truth that is Life.


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