[Poetry] Restless

Everything is dark so everything feels apart of me

If we are all one, who wins.

If we can all be saved why not sin

Dancing to the song of the rain

Dancing in spite of my pain

My bodies’ relaxed because my souls’relaxed because my mind is out of this plane

Have you ever had the crazy thought that one day you just might live out a dream? 

Have you ever had hopes sky high all to fall way down to your dusted feet?

Think of the last time you felt great, or of a time you felt no hate. 

Think of a time when you were only you, no contaminates of others in your head.

You see, these streets, though filled with the worst, are built by the best

Keep your mind at ease with anything serene your one goal is to discard the rest

Because a cloud 9 mind is a tool. 

And a dark heart infects fools.

And if you cant find your way…

Rot in place. 

Im hear shuffling on my feet, stumbling through the streets

Police askin “whats the matter with you boy?”

But my headphones are in and all i see are stones walking right past this lonely night

With the wind we’re gone but who am I to judge.. We will do as we’ve done

I found my mother given name it was lost in mud my brain sold to advertising clans. 

 You cant touch a view.. But it can touch you.. And the grey moon caresses this Man. 

With a flask of crown on the ground, and a cigarette half burnt out

Dark wind cold as ice

I wonder what you smile about


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