[Poetry] Rain… 

This rain. I havent felt this rain in ages. What is an age but the individual collection of every cycle around the sun? A measurement. Age is where you stand on this ideological ruler stick. Humanities mortal attempt to calculate the various points between life and death. A measurement used for predictions, stages of development, statistics. Age is more than a number, it is a label. Depending what label you hold indicates what you are and what you are not to do, what freedoms and limitations you have. Ah, limitations. Yet another human condition.

The evidence of our cycles around this sun sits not in our age but in our appearance, in our functionality. Should our appearance or functionality wane at a young measured interval is it proper to call the pale and unfunctional youthful?

Youth is not an age it is a condition. A condition of proper functionality.


This rain. I havent felt this rain in years. What is a year but a measurement of cycles. Given the option between being a man of “age” and a man of “years” i would take to be a man of age as i would be guaranteed a death as years go on so long as this earth revolves around this Sun, therefore to be a man of years is to be a man of immortality.

This calculative, analytical, pattern addicted human mind, our greatest asset, is not meant to be immortal as we have been shown that those who have been gifted with a true intellect eventually implode as their consciousness fails to understand Itself and its place in this chaotic, nervously decoded, simulation.

Checks and balances.

An immortal of high intellect and awareness will eventually create himself to be a God, therefore the universe would be one that births its own creator and in my mind that is a paradox therefore cannot exist but yet i am only human. Should immortals exist they would be those of low capacity as they would eventually succumb to natural selection, not age, and cease to exist due to their own stupidity.

Checks and balances.


This rain. I’ve forgotten how rain feels on my hands and face.

As the rain drops caress my skin my consciousness decodes it and i perceive it to be a soothing experience. What if my nervous system decoded this in such a way as to induce pain? I thank evolution for making rain feel pleasant. How fortunate we are to have our rain be water, for rain is not a substance but an event, a circumstance. Too often we forget to appreciate that our planet does not rain some reactive substance. That our oceans are not rather filled with some corrosive liquid. How fortunate we are to be rained with water.

 How fortunate we are that Nature hasnt yet checked and balanced our species. 

Perhaps scarcity truly is a human fabrication, or..perhaps, our consciosness has fused as one with this planet and we have subconsciously agreed to whither in time with eachother…

Yes… Perhaps this planet has agreed to abandon its years, and join us in Age…

Ah the rain…


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