[DIET] Ketosis. The good and bad.

I did ketosis for 3 months, now I’m geared up and ready for 6 months! Below are some of the good and bad things I experienced. The diet I followed went like this – During the work week (5 days) I combined intermittent fasting with Keto. I would have a 1 hour eating window once […]

[Poetry] Ghost flag

People make up this war path No other trail to walk when faced with wrath But when the math is done, when its all fought and won, the lives undone get used for blood to pave a path… …then they lay the money down above the ground, above the blood Just in time to roll […]

[Poetry] Made of Stars

Your lips lay next to mine Eyes dont drift away Every breathe we take.. Gives life to love that yearns to stay… .. You see.. Love is unforgiving, i was fine before i found you now everything is different Hands that feel soft skin tend to get addicted, hearts that tend to love more tend […]

[Philosophy] Cause and Effect

Ladies and gentlemen i’ve noticed something. I’ve noticed something significant. I’ve noticed that we as a nation, as a people, have been fighting our political, social and economic battles all wrong. Wasting our time. Wasting our energy. Getting nothing done, creating no real solution, only temporary solutions that function well enough and just long enough […]

Politics, Philosophy, Poetry 

My last post outlined a possible triage, a sort of alliance between Government, Media and Corporations. Given the tone of the article i hope none of you succumb to your habit of categorization and begin to label me as ‘right/ left winged”conspiracy theorist’etc. I see what i see and make a distinction and make those […]